The "Palestinian Joint Committee for Refugees" calls for international aid to the Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Joint Committee for Refugees in the Gaza Strip called today, Tuesday, to provide urgent international aid to the Gaza Strip, after the first local cases of the emerging coronavirus were recorded there.

In a press statement, the joint committee urged the World Health Organization to send the necessary medical supplies to combat the Corona virus before it spreads widely among the Gaza population.

It called for the immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, the opening of the crossings, the introduction of all necessary needs, especially fuel for the only power station in the Strip, and the provision of emergency and urgent food aid to the refugees in the Gaza camps.

The joint committee also called for the entry of specialized medical teams and artificial respirators in sufficient quantities in anticipation of any emergency that might arise, stressing the need to form health emergency committees in all clinics and to prepare places for examination.


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