Five citizens were arrested and stormed areas in the West Bank

 Today, Monday, the occupation forces arrested five residents of Tulkum, while incursions and confrontations took place in separate areas in the West Bank.

And local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested Abdullah Yassin Faqha from his home in the village of Kafr al-Labd, east of Tulkum, and the young man Montaser Ahmad Dawood Tohme (27 years) from his home in the town of Qafin to the north.

The forces also arrested Ahmed Abdullah Shihab (45 years) from his home in the eastern town of Anabta, along with Ali Jamal Abu Saleh and the young Yusef Muhanna from the Shweika suburb. The forces searched the detainees' homes carefully.

In Nablus, clashes broke out between the youths and the occupation forces near Askar hill, to the east, at the old junction leading to the settlement of "Elon Moreh."

The occupation vehicles stormed Ramallah and concentrated in the Al-Masyoun neighborhood, and the village of Sur Baher in occupied Jerusalem was also stormed.


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