Corona ... more than 800 thousand deaths in the world

Yesterday, Friday, Corona deaths in the world exceeded the 800,000 mark, according to the "Worldometer" website, which monitors virus statistics .

The site's data showed that the death toll around the world reached 800,101 .

The largest number of deaths due to "Corona" was recorded in the United States, reaching 178,68 thousand .

Corona deaths in Brazil exceeded 112,670, and Mexico recorded 59,106 deaths .

In the Arab world, 6 thousand 283 deaths from the virus were recorded in Iraq, and Egypt came second with 5 thousand and 212, then Saudi Arabia 3 thousand and 580 .

Corona has spread to more than 200 countries since its appearance on December 12, 2019 .

The virus has infected more than 23 million people, of whom 15 million and 637 thousand 875 have recovered, according to the same site .


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