Mladenov: We are working with Egypt to find a solution to the humanitarian disaster in Gaza

"No one has an interest in the escalation in the region, as electricity in Gaza was cut off, missiles were fired and Israel responded, and there is a humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip, and we are working with Egypt to find a solution, " said Nikolai Mladenov, the United Nations General Coordinator .

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, followed by Sawa News Agency, Mladenov confirmed that the treaty signed between the UAE and Israel is a historic treaty by all standards and creates an opportunity for both parties and has a positive impact on the entire region, whether at the level of extremism or the level of the Corona epidemic .
He added that this agreement stopped the Israeli decision to annex the Palestinian lands, which is basically against international laws and which would have eliminated any solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel, as the agreement preserves the two-state solution, in line with international laws and decisions.

He indicated that the United Nations was engaged in working to return to the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis, but that did not happen, and what we have seen during the past years in terms of unilateral steps that were very negative and created bad conditions on the ground in terms of building settlements and a further division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, expressing his hope that The agreement is the beginning of hope between the two parties.

Mladenov stressed that without a solution to the Palestinian issue, there will be no lasting peace in the region, and the positive sign that appeared in the agreement between the UAE and Israel, we hope to achieve a breakthrough in this file.

He pointed out that during the coming period, there will be contact with some countries in the Middle East to persuade them to dialogue to achieve peace, pointing out that there are doubts from some countries regarding the matter, but everyone must be convinced that dialogue is the solution.

 Mladenov noted that with the agreement between Israel and the UAE, the Israeli annexation of the Palestinian territories was neutralized, and this is a danger to the Palestinians, and we hope that by signing the danger is gone.

He stressed that there will be a meeting next week in the Security Council to discuss the Palestinian issue, but the solution will not be through the two parties themselves, and they must work with each other.

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