The occupation has arrested 5200 children in three Years.

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Freed captive Nasser Farana revealed that the occupation authorities have arrested about 5200 children since the outbreak of the "jerusalem uprising" on October 1, 2015, and that they constitute (24%) Of the total arrests during the period under review (the Jerusalem uprising).

"the occupation authorities have invested all their energies and capabilities and used all forms of repression, arbitrary detention, and means of torture and murder to confront the" Jerusalem uprising, "he said, in an attempt to deter the palestinians, curb their will and spread terror and fear in their souls in order to push them Not to participate in its activities, and to ensure that it does not develop and improve its performance and Action.

"perhaps one of the most serious in the Jerusalem uprising has been the escalation of the Israeli onslaught against Palestinian children, The rise in the number of children detained, male and female, as well as the expansion of violations and crimes against them, and the adoption of a series of laws and resolutions aimed at expanding the detention of children The punishment and unjust sentences were increased and the arbitrary measures against them were aggravated, which exacerbated their suffering and the suffering of their relatives.

He considered that this constituted a flagrant violation of all international covenants and norms, which made the detention of children a last resort, and made it a judge's recourse to a sentence of imprisonment for a child, albeit as an exception, for the shortest possible period of time, and for the occupation authorities to detain them as the rule The first refuge is for as long as possible, and almost all of the sentences handed down are accompanied by the imposition of pecuniary Fines.

He said that all statistical data confirm that the number of detainees from children at different age levels has risen steadily and at an increasing pace since 2011, and has risen more since the outbreak of the "jerusalem Uprising " and that the testimonies of children arrested, reveals the magnitude of the violations and crimes committed against them, as All the facts confirm that the Israeli targeting of Palestinian children falls within the framework of a systematic and official policy.

Frafana noted that one of the girls arrested during the "jerusalem uprising " was martyred two months after her arrest, the girl  "fatima Taqaqa " (15 Years) from the town of Beit fajar, south of bethlehem, which was arrested when she was injured and entered into a coma, and despite the seriousness of her health, but the occupation authorities kept her under The arrest and refused to release her, and did not provide her with the necessary health care, which claimed her life and was martyred on 20 May 2017.


He felt that the occupation was afraid of their future, so he employed all his security apparatus and repressive tools to deter them and spread terror not only in their souls, but also with their families and family. In order to distort their reality, destroy their future and influence their future direction negatively.

He warned of the seriousness of Israel's escalating targeting of Palestinian children, the effects of the horrific violations and crimes being committed against them, and the repercussions of the arrest and imprisonment on their reality and their future.

He called on the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and all international institutions dealing with children and human rights to intervene urgently to protect Palestinian children from the escalating Israeli targeting, to move hard to stop arbitrary detentions among children, and to work to launch Approximately 300 children still languishing in the occupation jails have been released.


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