The Energy Authority in Gaza: The only power station in the Strip will stop operating within 48 hours

The Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority in Gaza announced that the only power station in the Strip will stop operating within 48 hours, due to the depletion of operating fuel.

The authority indicated in a statement today, Sunday, that the station will stop its production capacity completely next Tuesday morning, after the depletion of fuel as a result of stopping the supply of fuel to it through the "Karam Abu Salem" commercial crossing since last Wednesday.

 And she stressed that the station's suspension of work will result in a deficit in the supply of energy to citizens, so that the deficit will be 75 percent.

The Energy Authority has warned that the station's suspension will negatively affect all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip.

And it held the occupation fully responsible for all the disastrous consequences of that.

Last week, the Israeli occupation announced the closure of the "Beit Hanoun" crossing in the face of fuel and building materials, under the pretext of launching "incendiary balloons."

The Gaza Strip is experiencing a major electricity crisis, with electricity reaching 8 hours per house per day According to what is known as the system (8 hours arrived and 8 hours cut), and it is not known how many hours will be cut in if the station stops.

The Israeli occupation authorities have imposed a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip, numbering more than two million people, since Hamas won the legislative elections in January 2006.

The blockade caused a significant increase in poverty and unemployment rates, in addition to a significant weakening of the health sector, as it suffers from a continuous shortage of medicines and medical supplies, according to official data.


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