Luxembourg Foreign Minister: The UAE sold Palestine for economic gain

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said that the UAE’s signing of an agreement to normalize its relations with Israel is tantamount to selling the Palestinian cause in order to achieve economic gains.

Asselborn added in an interview with Deutschland Funk Radio Network: "The Palestinian Arab people are really caught between ropes, and for years, solidarity with the Palestinians is no longer a priority, especially in the Gulf."

He indicated that the tripartite agreement is being marketed as if it came to stop the plan to annex the West Bank.

He continued, "I agree with the Palestinians when they say that this agreement recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and not as the joint capital of Israel and Palestine."

Asselborn confirmed his strong support for the two-state solution as the way to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East.

Asselborn said, "The Israeli government officially says that it can look into the issue of the two-state solution, but everything on the ground is inconsistent with the two-state solution."

He stressed that "as long as the two-state solution does not exist - and I am convinced of that - there will be no stability, not even among the Gulf states."

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