Widespread rejection and warning of the danger of uae normalization with Israel

Many political, national, academic and opinion leaders expressed their rejection and condemnation of the step taken by the United Arab Emirates by announcing the normalization of its relations with Israel, warning of the danger of this step, and calling for the mobilization of all energies to confront it.

Tayseer Khaled: Triple aggression

A member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Tayseer Khaled, described what the UAE had carried out with a tripartite aggression against the Palestinian people, the details of which were woven in the dark for more than a year and a half between the Israeli occupation state and the United Arab Emirates under American auspices.

Khaled called for close ranks, solidarity and unity in the face of this aggression in order to frustrate it and its grave in its cradle and to prevent it from turning into a gateway to normalization for a number of regimes that are rushing to declare their disavowal of their national and national obligations and the Arab peace initiative that was agreed upon at the Beirut summit in 2002.

He explained that each of the parties to this aggression has its own agenda, as the US president works as a broker for global Zionism and the Israeli occupation state, with his eye on the upcoming elections in the United States, while Netanyahu tries to escape from the files of corruption and is also his eye on the upcoming elections.

Khaled expressed his regret and condemnation of the behavior of officials in the Emirates who disavow the honorable history of Sheikh Zayed, offer themselves a gateway to the normalization convoy, and want to cover their shame with Palestinian figs.

He said, "What happened is not Walid yesterday, but rather Walid of a response that started from a position of subordination and subservience with the American deal of the century for officials who lost their patriotic and national immunity, and decided to mix the cards in the region and participate in a tripartite aggression against the Palestinian people, whose fate will certainly be inevitable failure."

He stressed that the Palestinian people, with all their political and societal powers, will assume their responsibilities to repel and defeat this aggression by developing what was agreed upon on the nineteenth of last May, by adopting a coherent national strategy that stems from activating the decisions of the National and Central Councils, revitalizing the public situation and pushing for a comprehensive popular uprising that leads to To a national disobedience that does not stop without the withdrawal of the occupation, the dismantling of its settlement structure, and the departure of settlers from all the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem.

Mustafa Al Shunnar: A Strategic Alliance

The writer and professor of political sociology at An-Najah National University, Mustafa Al-Shunar, said that what the UAE has done is to announce an overt strategic alliance with the occupying power that seeks to integrate it into the Gulf region, and to employ its role in the conflict with Iran, Islamic forces and the Turkish rise in the region.

He explained that this agreement goes beyond the traditional diplomatic relations between countries, in light of the map of new regional alliances in which opponents and enemies change, and in which the overturn of the central issues of the nation and the culture of war and peace change, its rules and values ​​are changed by the power of the state, the oppression of its apparatus, the power of money and the brainwashing of its citizens.

He pointed out that the alliance relations between the UAE and the Hebrew state are old and not born today, but they were taking place on a quiet fire under the table and took different forms such as trade, military training, joint maneuvers in the United States, relations with the Zionist lobbies in America and influential countries in the world, some scientific missions, and security relations Very sophisticated between the two parties.

He added that these relations began to unfold little by little and in a systematic and deliberate manner to drain the remainder of the nation's immunity, specifically during the era of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, who coincides in his positions with the occupation state in two main issues, namely: the war on democracy and the war against Islamists in the Arab and Islamic region .

And he indicated that these relations reached today a state of depth and strength, with which it is not possible to remain secret under the table, so the declaration of mutual recognition and the establishment of full diplomatic relations with the occupying power was in a celebration that, in all its details, is in the interest of Trump and Netanyahu, who are in crisis in their countries and who are threatened with collapse.

He believed that the most dangerous thing in the joint official statement is that item that talks about strategic planning for the region, indicating that this is not only a mutual recognition agreement, but rather an alliance to change the features of the region.

He added, "I believe that the UAE, in cooperation with the Trump administration, Netanyahu and its Arab allies, will seek to create a Palestinian climate for the return of Muhammad Dahlan and enable him to compete for the succession of" Abu Mazen ", by employing the power of money and business, and it may seek in the West Bank to repeat the transitional council scenario in the south To whom".

Khaled Mansour: A stab in the back

A member of the political bureau of the Palestinian People's Party, Khaled Mansour, described the Emirati normalization with Israel as a stab in the back of the Palestinian people.

He said that what is required is a strong, clear and courageous Palestinian position against this agreement, and practical steps against the ruling regime in the UAE, to completely end the relationship with it, close the Palestinian embassy and withdraw the ambassador from the UAE.

He said, "We refuse to be the mulberry card that conceals the nakedness of the UAE ... We do not want to stop, suspend or freeze the Israeli annexation plan, but rather we want to cancel it and support our Palestinian people's struggle to defeat the occupation and establish its independent state."

He believed that the agreement is a departure from the Arab peace initiative, which stipulates non-normalization before ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands occupied in 1967 and establishing the Palestinian state.

He added that the agreement is an Emirati gift to Trump in his election campaign, and a gift for Netanyahu to increase his arrogance.

Ahmed Raafat Ghadia: a rescue for Trump and Netanyahu

And political analyst Dr. Ahmed Raafat Ghadia considered that the danger of announcing the normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel comes at a bad time for the Palestinian situation internally and externally.

He said that this step comes to save the political future of both Netanyahu and Trump and help them in the elections, while the UAE will not benefit from anything, and the great benefit will be for Israel economically, politically, security and the media.

He warned that this step would encourage other countries in the region to follow the example of the UAE by establishing relations against the Palestinian people and their cause.

He saw that the UAE is one of the subordinate systems of government that implement the orders, citing that Trump was the one who informed Netanyahu of the agreement, which means that the United States is the one who decides and that the UAE implements and does not decide, and this is due to the fact that the existence of these regimes depends on the consent of America, not the consent of the people, being Fragile and dictatorial regimes.

And he considered that the most dangerous thing in the joint statement is what is related to security cooperation, which means security and intelligence operations that are not limited to a specific region, and this agreement brought Israel to the Iranian borders and gave it a foothold to operate freely.

He indicated that Israel plans to benefit economically from the Gulf region, in addition to its efforts to demand hundreds of billions of compensation for the Jewish presence in the Arabian Peninsula.

He stressed that facing the new challenge requires real Palestinian unity, because the continuation of the division gives a justification for everyone who wants normalization with Israel, and also requires work to strengthen the PLO and restore its previous status and influence.


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