Erekat: The UAE’s decision to annex or without annexation was at the expense of the rights of our people

Saeb Erekat, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO, said that the UAE’s decision was forthcoming with or without annexation, which is a decision at the expense of the legitimate national rights of our Palestinian people.

This came during a meeting with Erekat, the Italian Consul General Giuseppe Fiddley, the Spanish Consul General Ignacio Garcia Valdecasas, and the Acting Head of the German Mission in Palestine Michael Harold, separately.

Erekat demanded that these countries continue to abide by their positions in support of international law and international legitimacy and rejecting the deal of the century, annexation and settlement and imposing facts on the ground.

Regarding the UAE’s decision to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, Erekat considered that a strategic mistake resulting from wrong calculations to satisfy Jared Kushner, based on imaginary alliances to confront Iran, which for them is considered an existential threat, and the truth is that this agreement has achieved a strengthening of Iran that it would not have obtained even if Billions of dollars were spent.

He explained that the UAE had rewarded Netanyahu for the war crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, in exchange for a fig paper titled a temporary freeze of the annexation process, while Netanyahu confirmed that he would continue with it and would not abandon it, which necessarily means a death sentence for any possibility to achieve real peace based on the principle The two states on the 1967 borders in the region, and the consecration of the idea of ​​the state with two systems of apartheid, which is the basis for the Trump Netanyahu project called the "Deal of the Century", which became the only country in the world that the UAE approved after the administration of President Trump and Netanyahu, which means destroying the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people and accepting Jerusalem as the capital For Israel and drop the right of return for refugees.


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