Rocket from Israeli reconnaissance plane hits UNRWA school in western Gaza

The remains and shrapnel of an Israeli drone rocket were found thursday morning inside a student school belonging to the Unrwa refugee agency, security sources said.

According to the Ministry of Interior and National Security, a rocket landed from an Israeli plane on an UNRWA elementary school in Al-Shati camp west of Gaza City at dawn, causing damage to the site.

The school has been evacuated from the students, while explosives engineering police teams are working to remove the debris and eliminate the danger.

Late Wednesday evening, Israeli warplanes launched raids on Palestinian resistance positions in the Gaza Strip.

The coordinator of Israeli government activities in the territories, Camille Abu Raken, also announced that from Thursday, the introduction of fuel into the Gaza Strip would cease immediately from now until further notice, due to the continued release of incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip, he said.

Israeli Minister of War Benny Gants decided Wednesday evening to reduce the fishing area in the Gaza Strip until further notice.

According to The Yediot Aharonot, Gantz decided to reduce the fishing area from 15 miles to 8 miles.

She explained that the decision came after security consultations between Minister of War Gantz, the Chief of Staff, the army and Israeli security officials following the firing of incendiary balloons towards the "Gaza cover" settlements.

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