The European Commission approves aid to German airports due to Corona

The European Commission announced, on Tuesday, the approval of the German government to provide assistance to airports affected by the repercussions of the Corona crisis.

"This rule will allow the German authorities to compensate German airports for the losses they incurred due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and at the same time this base will help the airports to overcome the liquidity shortage and overcome the crisis," said Margaret Westager, European Commissioner for Competition Protection.

Westager added: It is necessary to secure the operation of airports in order to ensure the movement of air traffic.

It is noteworthy that the air transport sector has been severely affected by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic. According to previous data from the German Airports Association (ADV), airport revenues were declining by half a billion euros every month, after air transport was temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.

As a result, the German government decided to provide support for airports.

According to the commission, grants from the German government could compensate the airports for lost revenues between March 4 and June 30.


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