A man with nine Lives. He died 9 times and came back to Life.

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Just like the one saying, "like a cat with nine souls," This is the case of a london-based Australian Jimmy Paul who suffered 9 episodes during which his heart stopped beating, in several years, including 4 cases in 3 weeks.

According to doctors, Jamie suffers from a condition of heart muscle enlargement and lack of efficacy, and because of the seriousness of his health condition, doctors advised him not to exercise any exercise, and warned him that the remaining period before him is not more than 5 Years.

On one occasion, jimmy, who loves travelling and traveling, collapsed on the street, again collapsed at work, and in a third he was hit at the Airport.

But apparently jimmy, who has been suffering from the disease since he was 20 years old, is very fortunate to survive all the cardiac stops he has suffered.

According to jimmy, his mother once asked him, "is it true that you died this week?"

however, Jamie adores life and tries to live it as much as possible regardless of his condition so that he traveled to many countries of the world as he skiing on the Swiss alps.

Jimmy said the stairs were his worst enemies or "deadly enemies," according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Given his serious state of health, Jimmy carries an electric machine in his body that can refresh his heart when he stops Working.

According to jimmy, his heart stopped working the first time in October 2009, and his rescue lasted 45 minutes and remained in a coma for a whole week.

The second time was two years later, specifically in February 2011, while he was at his Cousin's House.

In 2013, his heart stopped working five times, four times in may, the fifth in June.

The eighth time, in August 2015, he was injured when he was at the airport during a visa renewal visit, where he was given a quick scientific interview for almost 300 people in the airport Terminal.

The ninth time was in May 2017, while he was on a hospital walking apparatus during a heart transplant evaluation Test.


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