Teresa Mae: On Boris Johnson apologize for the niqab

London _ Agencies

British Prime Minister Teresa Mae has urged former foreign minister Boris Johnson to apologize for the likened Muslim women who tolerate the message boxes and bank robbers.

Mai revealed that it agreed with Conservative leader Brandon Lewis that Johnson should express his regret over his remarks. "People have the right to choose what they wear."

In an article published by The Daily Telegraph on Monday, Johnson described the veil as absurd and bizarre and those who wear it like mailboxes and bank robbers.

Johnson's supporters defended him, noting that he had criticized the ban on the niqab in Denmark despite the descriptions he had attached to him.

In March March, the British teachers ' syndicate warned of an increase in cases of physical abuse of Muslim women following the remarks by senior inspectors at the Bureau of Educational standards on the wearing of headscarves by primary school students.

Many schools in Britain may ban the wearing of the veil on female students after "political-character" statements issued by the Educational Standards Bureau, which is responsible for monitoring schools, said the teachers ' captain.

The Independent newspaper revealed earlier an exclusive report that one third of Muslim students are afraid of being subjected to attacks stemming from the hatred of all Muslims (Islamophobia).

The report also stated that women wearing robes were the most concerned about their safety.


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