Large crowds The martyr Samoudi’s funeral in Jenin

A large crowd of people gathered in jenin city and camp this afternoon, the martyr mother Dalia Ahmed Smudi, 23, who was shot dead by israeli forces at dawn today, was injured inside her home.

Our correspondent, that the body of the martyr and after being wrapped with the Palestinian flag, was transferred to her family home in al-Jabriat neighborhood where she was given a final goodbye look amid feelings of sadness and pain, and the sight of the presence of her two children provoked a state of indignation and pain among the supporters of the bereaved family, who shed tears in the last moment of farewell.

After praying for her body at the Jenin camp mosque, a mass march was held with thousands of citizens who chanted angry and anti-occupation slogans, while gunmen marched in the air, vowing revenge and revenge for the blood of the martyrs.

After sheltering her in the martyrs cemetery in Jenin camp, a memorial service was held for the martyr Dalia Smudi, opened with the speech of Atta Abu Rumila, secretary of fatah movement jenin region, who mourned the martyr, praising the heroism and sacrifices of her family, who gave martyrs and prisoners through the struggle, blaming the occupation for this heinous crime, declaring that the resistance response and our people must be through national unity and the completion of the national reconciliation march. The resistance will remain on the lookout for the occupation, as happened today when the fighters confronted him during the incursion into Jenin camp."

He gave the speech of the national and Islamic forces, in which he mourned the martyr who was executed inside her house in cold blood to confirm that the occupation continues its aggression and crimes targeting all the Palestinian people everywhere and at any time and without discrimination, which calls for the completion of the process of reconciliation and reconciliation, stressing that unity is the strongest weapon and the response to the occupation and its policies that will not undermine the resolve of our people.

Journalist Ali Samudi, the victim's family, mourned on behalf of the Family of Al-Samudi and Estiti, daughter of Palestine, and Mother Dalia, who was killed in cold blood by the occupation inside her house without guilt or reason to rise up as a martyr and a new victim of these policies and violations that the occupation continues to carry out in the eyes and ears of the world.

He called on human rights institutions to put an end to these practices and to set up a committee to identify this heinous crime of security citizenship."

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