Corona deaths among the Palestinian communities increased to 207, and injuries to 4,086

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, today, Thursday, increased the number of deaths among Palestinian communities around the world as a result of infection with the Corona virus to 207 (1 Saudi Arabia), and injuries to 4086 (1 Venezuela), and recovery to 1710.

In this context, the Embassy of the State of Palestine and the Consulate General in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the registration of a new death case among the community of citizenship, Nahla Abed Rabbo Othman Ibrahim (55), due to the Corona virus, bringing the number of deaths among the community there to 63.

While the task force concerned with monitoring the conditions of the community in the United States of America stated that no new deaths were recorded for the tenth day in a row, so that the number of deaths remains 69, and that no new cases were recorded among the community for this day, so that the number of injuries remains 2228.

Whereas, the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Venezuela reported that a new infection was recorded among the community with the Coronavirus, bringing the number of infections there to 9, of which one recovered, leaving 8 active cases.

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