International figures call for the closure of bear farms in Vietnam

Famous international figures, such as British comedian Ricky Jervis, pop star Mia Dam Judi Dench, artist Tze Ma and conservative Jean Godol, in a video clip published today, Wednesday, called for the closure of the bile bear farms. In vietnam.

Bile is a type of bears that is kept in captivity for taking its yellow juice for use in some traditional medicine practices.

"This terrible dilemma in which we find ourselves, and this terrible loss of human life, is directly caused by animal abuse," Jervis said at the start of the video, produced by the Hong Kong-based non-governmental company, "Animales Asia".

Artist Joanna Lumley, guitarist Rick Wickman of the band "Janes in Roses", and poet Benjamin Zephaniah also spoke in the video clip, saying that the world should not return to the destructive systems of the environment that most scientists see as causing epidemics, such as the current Corona virus crisis, More likely.

The last part of the video shows a black Asian bear, known as the moon bear. There are still over 500 animals on bile bear farms in Vietnam, although this has been banned since 1992.

And bile juices are used for bears in Vietnam as a component in traditional medicine for liver disease, but bears are often kept in small cages, and the process of extracting the bile from the gallbladder can be very painful.


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