The occupation uproots 100 palm trees in Al-Jiftlik

 today, the occupation forces uprooted more than 100 palm trees in Al-Jiftlik in the central Jordan Valley.

Azim Haj Muhammad, the agricultural relief coordinator in Al-Aghwar, stated that the occupation forces raided Al-Jatlak at dawn, and started uprooting 100 palm trees owned by Anwar Abu Joudeh.

He explained that the occupation forces notified the farmer Abu Joudeh earlier to remove the palm trees on the pretext that they are located in the so-called "state lands" controlled by the occupation.

He added: The occupation seeks, through these practices and harassment, to empty the valleys of farmers and their people, with the aim of showing them as remote and free areas of the population that Israel can impose its control easily.

He continued: The occupation has intensified its attacks recently on farmers, residents and agricultural lands, and increased the pace of settlement projects and the construction of roads for settlements in various areas of the Ghori, especially in light of the escalation of talk about the intention of the occupation to start the annexation procedures and impose Israeli laws on the Ghori regions despite violating all international laws The Security Council resolutions and opposition of various countries of the world to this step.

It is noteworthy that the farmer Abu Joudeh is constantly exposed to the harassment of the occupation, as he and his son were arrested for a month, confiscated heavy vehicles owned by him during the last period, detained for two months, and forced to pay heavy fines in order to release her.


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