Rachida Tlaib, a Palestinian member of Congress, wins a second round

Rashida Talib, a member of the American-Palestinian Congress of Michigan, won the primaries in the Democratic Party yesterday, Tuesday, in one of the most important electoral battles, as it witnessed a fierce challenge from within the Democratic Party to overthrow One of its members.

The preliminary results of Tuesday's elections in the thirteenth electoral district in Michigan (13) in Michigan, which includes the city of Detroit, showed a victory for Brenda Jones, the mayor of the City of Detroit, one of the most important American cities, with a wide percentage, as the result was shown after sorting 80% Of the votes, Talib led Jones to 60% to 34%, which puts the gap between the two candidates outside the possibility of a bridge.

Talib, the fourth member of the so-called "progressive team" in the US House of Representatives, along with Representative Alexandria Okasio Cortez (New York State), Representative Ilhan Omar (from Minnesota), and Representative Ayana Presley (from Massachusetts), angered US President Donald Trump, who pledged By doing everything he had to thwart her, because she said on the day she took office on January 6, 2019, that her first mission as a Congressman was to "isolate Trump."

Tlaib also raised the ire of the Israeli lobby with its many octopus organizations, most notably the American-Israeli Action Committee - AIPAC, which accused Tlaib of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel support for the boycott movement (BDS). Tlaib will not win a second round.

It is noteworthy that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the request of US President Trump, and prevented Talib and her colleague, Ilhan Omar, from entering the occupied West Bank to visit her grandmother last August 2019.

The Israeli lobby spent the money to defeat Taleb, knowing that the candidate who challenged Brenda Jones’s doctor is progressive and supports the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, end the occupation, and establish an independent Palestinian state, given that “Taleb wears her Palestinian and anti-Israel identity on her chest,” and several groups pledged American Judaism supports anyone running against Tlaib "after she called for a boycott of Israel."

In his campaign to topple Talib, the editor of the "Detroit Army News" Andrew Labin said that she considered "an enemy of Israel, an enemy of the Jewish people, a person who must be stopped at all costs."

Despite the attempts of the Israeli lobby, the thirteenth majority of American Jewish citizens in Michigan County (13) voted in favor of Rachida Tlaib, while it was considered a blow to the lobby's endeavors.

The 2020 parliamentary elections witnessed a lot of defeats for AIPAC, as one of its prominent members, Representative Elliot Engels, Chairman of the powerful Foreign Relations Committee in the US Congress, lost thirty years in the House to the black progressive candidate Jamal Bowman, who supports the Palestinians’s right and the boycott movement of Israel. S ”, in the sixteenth New York electoral district, while Representative Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s Fifth Electoral District is ahead of those who challenge her, despite spending huge sums of money to ensure her loss.

By winning the Democratic nomination for a second round, Talib is expected to win an overwhelming majority against her Republican candidate rival in the upcoming November 3 elections.

Another Palestinian-American deputy, Justin Ammash (from Michigan State), withdrew from the race after ten years in the House of Representatives, after he announced his withdrawal from the Republican Party last year because of the "bankruptcy of the moral Republican Party" according to his description. Against the former (Lebanese-born), right-wing MP, Darel Issa, in the state of California, where polls show that they are currently equal to voters.


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