Demonstration in Austria, rejecting the annexation plan, and protesting the pro-Israeli government policy

 A number of members of the Palestinian community and the Arab community in Austria, and foreign solidarity activists, participated in a protest demonstration rejecting the occupation plan annexing occupied Palestinian lands, and in protest of the policy of the Austrian government in support of Israel.

The head of the Palestinian community in Austria, Sami Ayad, during the demonstration organized by the Austrian Arab Solidarity Foundation, the BDS movement, the Palestinian Union of Physicians and Pharmacists, the Handala Club, and Austrian and Arab institutions, called on the Austrian government to review its pro-Israel policies.

For his part, the president of its founder, Al-Haq Church, condemned the policies of Israel, and its blockade of the Palestinian land and human being.

In turn, Palestinian National Council member Munther Merhi stressed the need to continue to pressure the Austrian government, in order to have an active positive role on both sides, calling on Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz to stop supporting the Trump-Netanyahu policy, which is based on theft and deception.

He emphasized the strong relations between the Palestinian and Austrian peoples, calling for a return to the policy of neutrality stipulated in the Austrian constitution.

Raafat Abu Madhi, general coordinator of the forces supporting Palestine and its people, said: "All forces agree to continue supporting the Palestinian cause, until the Palestinian people achieve their rights."

For his part, the head of the Austrian Arab Federation, Ahmed Amer, explained that the Arab community in Austria is championing the Palestinian right, calling for continuing to work for Palestine, and to continue the protests and demonstrations in support of it, and calling for an end to injustice and occupation.

The BDS movement stressed the necessity of fighting against the policies of occupation, which are based on oppression and racism.


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