Gaza: 20 violations of the occupation against the fishermen last month

The Federation of Agricultural Work Committees monitored 20 Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen off the coast of the Gaza Strip during the month of July.

According to the Federation’s pressure and advocacy department, these violations varied between shooting with metal and rubber bullets, firing rocket-propelled grenades, and pumping wastewater towards the boats of the fishermen with the aim of drowning them and destroying their boats.

The department pointed out that these violations and violations are practiced daily against fishermen inside the sea, with the aim of intimidating them and instilling fear in their hearts, in order to deny them access to the sea and cut off their only source of livelihood.

It stated that as a result of these violations during the past month, 4 fishermen were arrested at sea within the permissible marine area, and they are each of the fisherman Khaled Al-Bardawil, the hunter Wadih Al-Bardawil, Imad Al-Bardawil and the fisherman Mohammed Siam, and they were released after 12 days of detention, and they were also confiscated Two boats belonging to the fisherman Khaled and Imad Al-Bardawil, the two fishermen who were arrested at the same event, in addition to destroying fishing nets belonging to the boat of the two fishermen, Adel Al-Sharif and Bassam Kaskin.


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