Gaza Health Reveals Corona Updates After Examining 70 New Samples

Today, Friday, July 31, 2020, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza issued a daily report on the developments of the Corona virus "Covid 19", noting that the number of confirmed cases of the virus reached 78, including 70 recovered cases.

The Ministry confirmed in its daily report on the novelties of the Corona virus today, the laboratory examination of 70 new samples during the past 24 hours, noting that two new cases of returnees from the Erez crossing were announced yesterday evening.

The ministry indicated that the number of confirmed cases in Gaza since the outbreak of the epidemic last March reached 78 cases, 70 of which were cured, and 7 cases are still active, while the sector recorded a single death from the Corona virus for an elderly.

In its daily report, the ministry said that the total number of samples that were examined for suspected cases amounted to 13,970 samples, including 13,892 negative samples and 78 positive samples.

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