The US Congress passes the $ 40 billion funding bill for Israel, and AIPAC praises

"The American Israel Public Relations Committee - AIPAC", the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington, praised the US Senate and House of Representatives for passing military aid to Israel worth $ 38 billion over ten years, without any significant opposition except from a handful of deputies .

AIPAC, which has a great influence on members of the US Congress, thanked a group of Democrats and Republicans in Congress who had originally submitted the massive funding project under their care as part of the US National Defense Authorization Act, saying the money would help Israel protect itself from Ongoing security threats. "

It is noteworthy that the massive US funding, which is the largest American financing package for one country, which passed quietly on Wednesday, is facing for the first time calls for cuts from a small group of liberal and progressive representatives in the Democratic Party, who say that this aid should be used as a means to pressure Israel to discourage it from operations. The continuous annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories, and its behavior change in oppressing the Palestinians under occupation.

The US National Defense Authorization Act also included $ 1 million for the State Department's Anti-Semitism Observer Office, twice the current amount. The American Jewish newspaper "Jewish Insider" reported that the Jewish Democrats behind the process of doubling the funds are Rep. Ted Duch from Florida, and the remote Max Rose from New York.

On the other hand, on Friday, July 24, 2020, the House of Representatives approved $ 250 million to fund “Israeli-Palestinian dialogue programs and develop the“ Palestinian business ”network in accordance with the language of law. Between the Palestinians and Israel, the lobbying process for funding that will be disbursed at $ 50 million annually over five years will pass ($ 110 million for dialogue programs and $ 140 million for investments).

The coalition (ALLMEP) posted a tweet on Twitter on Friday, praising in particular Representative Nita Lowe from New York, who is a strong pro-Israel, and chaired the powerful "appropriations" committee in the House of Representatives, which pushed for funding the "Palestinian-Israeli dialogue" stressing what they considered The importance of peoples (Palestinians and Israelis) working with each other to achieve peace, they say.


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