Facebook founder confirms that he has no secret agreement with Trump

 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed today, Monday, that he had not entered into any secret agreement with the US President after he criticized his apparent tolerance of some of the controversial messages to Donald Trump.

He said in an interview with "Axios", "I am aware of these rumors, but let things be clear: There is no agreement of any kind."

"Just thinking that there might be a laughing deal," he added.

He admitted that he was talking "from time to time" with Trump, but he was also talking with his predecessor, Barack Obama, and with other political figures in the world.

It is taken on Facebook not to adequately address the content that poses a problem and to mislead, and several major companies recently decided to stop buying advertising space on the site, including Starbucks, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Ford.

The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that Disney, a major Facebook customer, has decided to join the ranks of the protesters by "significantly reducing" their advertising costs on the site.

In May, Facebook decided not to prejudice Trump's letters that might discourage voting or incite violence against citizens demonstrating against racism.

In June, Facebook decided to withdraw ads from the Trump campaign that showed a Nazi symbol.

The Facebook director announced on Monday that he had not received special treatment from the current administration until the US Consumer Protection Agency forced him in 2019 to pay a record fine of five billion dollars for failing to protect the personal data of users of the site.

Several government agencies have opened investigations against Facebook for allegedly infringing on the right to competition and, like Internet giants, may be subject to a decree revising a law guaranteeing digital platforms immunity from any prosecution related to content published by another party.


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