The next Yvonne will come with an unprecedented advantage.

Washington _ Agencies

Analyst Jeff Poe of the company  "GF secaurites" specializing in technical affairs said that the coming iphones will bring new changes entirely in terms of appearance.

The analyst explained that changes will occur on the exterior of the iphone, the most important will be the appearance of the screen that the user will not notice the front camera, either Apple will merge the camera under the screen, or will use a special coating to touch the screen to hide the Viewfinder.

The Expert's remarks are corroborated by earlier statements made by the company  "largan", which provides Apple with phone cameras, confirming that it develops a special black coating to cover cameras in telephones, so that the colors of its lenses are consistent with the colors of the exterior structures of the devices, making them almost invisible.

In addition to this feature, Apple is looking to put its next phone with a fingerprint scanner built under the screen as well, and a dual front camera capable of handling artificial intelligence Systems.


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