Injuries during the suppression of an anti-settlement activity in Asira Al-Shamalia

The occupation forces today repressed a protest event against establishing an outpost on Jabal Ebal in the northern town of Asira, north of Nablus, and a number of its participants suffocated.

The event came at the invitation of the factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the institutions of the Nablus Governorate and the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, entitled "Friday of crawling until the eradication of settlement", as part of the weekly activities in refusal to establish a settlement outpost on top of Mount Ebal in the lands of the northern town of Asira.

The participants set out from the center of Asira Al-Shamalia, and from the popular housing area in the city of Nablus, and went to the outpost site at the top of Mount Ebal, raising the Palestinian flags.

Immediately after the arrival of the participants, the Israeli occupation soldiers began firing tear gas and tear gas canisters and chilli gas towards them, which resulted in a number of injuries, including two paramedics.

Participants were able to hold Friday prayers near the outpost.


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