Occupation arrests 10 citizens, including siblings and boys

The occupation forces arrested 10 citizens of the West Bank, including brothers and boys, from Jerusalem.

The captive club said that five boys were arrested from the Old City of Jerusalem: Abd al-Rahman, Hatim al-Bashiti, Amir al-Maliki, Mustafa Abu Sneina, and Suhaib Abu Saleh.

From Aida camp in Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested Anas Awni Abu Balha (25 years old).

From Jenin, the forces arrested two citizens: Abdullah Hassan Subuh from the town of Burqin, who was arrested in front of a military checkpoint, in addition to Dhafer Sami Zaqzouq from the new town.

Added to the detainees is Hamada Hassan Al-Khatib, 30, and his brother Omar, 24, from Hazma.


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