Hollywood star fights for addiction recovery

LOS Angeles _ Agencies

The American actor Ben Avlik said he completed a 40-day recovery program for alcoholism during which he resided in a rehabilitation center, but described fighting addiction as a "difficult lifelong struggle."

avelik, a 46-year-old Oscar winner in a message on his Twitter application on thursday, said he was still in outpatient care and thanked his family, friends and fans for their support.

Avlik has already entered rehabilitation centres in 2001 and 2017.

"fighting Any addiction is a difficult struggle that lasts throughout life, so one is never at a stage of treatment or outside, it is a permanent commitment," he Wrote. I fight for myself and my family  ".

Affleck has three sons from actress Jennifer Garner who broke up with her in 2015, but a photograph of Garner was taken in August August in Los Angeles as she moved Avlik to a treatment center.

Avlik's fame was launched in 1998 when he joined his close friend Matt Damon in the film "will hanting tayeb " (jude will hanting), the Oscar winner of the best screenplay. In 2013, he was awarded the second Oscar for best film when he won the film (hope), which he produced and Directed.

avlik, the hero of the film  "batman" (batman) and  "the Girl of ra'ar" (jean girls), often spoke of his struggle with alcoholism, which was also suffered by his father and sister Casey Avlik.

Casey said in a television show last month that he and his brother had been drinking alcohol for a long time.


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