Denmark is rebuilding the historic Viking Hall with 1,000 tons of oak

If you are not following the latest episodes, the Vikings are now popular. Millions are expected to watch "Vikings" in its seventh season as the online gaming community prepares to indulge in Viking Fever in light of the highly anticipated game "Assassins Creed: Valhalla".

To bring this to the real world, Denmark has now opened a full-size replica of one of the historic halls of the Vikings kings, the largest of its kind from the Danish Vikings era.

The opening of the most recent tourist attractions in Denmark comes as officials eased travel warnings and restrictions imposed on tourists from most European countries beginning June 27.

To find out what the Vikings Hall looked like, you can visit the Sägenland Leisure Park on the island of Denmark in Zeeland, where the hall was now opened while some restrictions were still imposed during the Covid pandemic.

One thousand tons of oak was used to rebuild the hall, which was built near the ancient sites that indicate a large presence of Vikings in the area centuries ago.

In a garden surrounding the hall, visitors can track the history of the Vikings as well as the Iron and Stone Age.

The newest Viking attraction in Scandinavia joins another replica ballroom model in the Norwegian Midgard Viking Center, as well as similar historical sites in Sweden like the Viking city of Birka.


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