U.S. Senate prepares for important vote on Trump candidate for Supreme Court

Washington _ Agencies

The US Senate will begin Friday the penultimate stage of the stabilization of Judge Brett Cavanaugh in the supreme court, while President Donald Trump's candidate confirmed that he is a "nonpartisan" and "independent" judge after the Republicans in the Council have found him acquitted of sexual assault charges against him in the light of an investigation ( The FBI disagreed about it with the Democrats.

The final vote may take place on saturday, and in the event of a Judge's confirmation, conservatives will be guaranteed a majority in the Nine-seat Court.

But the result is not Guaranteed. Republicans retain a majority of 51-49 seats on the council, and three of their members have yet to make a decision on cavanaugh, while stabilization measures have deepened political divisions in the country a few weeks before the mid-term Elections.

Under new rules approved last year, the installation of Cavanaugh requires 50 votes to pass the procedural vote on Friday. The vote is to finalize the discussions on confirmation of appointment and proceed towards a final formal Vote.

Voting is expected to start at around 10:30 a.m. (14:30 gmt). The threshold of 50 votes applies to the final vote on the Installation.

Thursday was charged in washington: protesters poured into the Capitol building and toured the Senate in an effort to garner support from deputies rotating into a closed room in the basement to review a single copy of the FBI report on Cavanaugh.

More than 300 people were arrested, including comedian Amy schumer, a close leader of the Council's Democrats Chuck schumer, and a supermodel Emily Rattakowski.

The Republicans insist that the investigation, which was carried out and whose conclusions were not found in the FBI report, did not find evidence to substantiate the accusations of sexual assault of the 53-year-old avano, who is now a federal judge in Washington.

The Democrats denounced the investigation as incomplete and subjected to restrictions from the White House on the appointment of a life-long trump Candidate.

According to the New York times, more than 2,400 law professors had signed a letter opposing the appointment, stating that Cavanaugh at the interrogation session "did not show neutrality or express the characteristics" that the Supreme Court justices should Have.

The candidate himself concluded Thursday the accelerated events with an unusual step, which consisted of writing an article published in the Wall Street Journal to defend himself as Unbiased.

Cavanaugh confirmed his remarks last week before the Senate Justice committee, in which he denied charges of misconduct, which was confirmed by a university professor at the same Session.

Christine Blazi Ford said that Cavanaugh tried to rape her in an evening at the home of the early 1980s when they were at the high school level. Two other women accused him of sexual abuse during the university Years.

In his testimony, Cavanaugh denounced "a deliberate political campaign charged with apparent pent-up anger against President Trump and the 2016 elections."

He also said that the accusations against him were part of what he described as a plot from the left to keep him out of Court. During his appearance before the committee, he appeared offensive and sometimes furious, criticizing him for his lack of impartiality and wise conduct to occupy a seat in the Supreme Court.

But his article on Wall street, which bore the title (i am an independent and unbiased judge), appeared to be addressed to the reluctant Republicans who expressed concerns regarding the printing and partisan attacks during the Session.

"i know my tone was sharp and I said things I shouldn't say," he wrote, adding, "i was impressed and emotionally" in denying the accusations against Him.

"i don't make decisions on issues based on my priorities," he said, adding that the Supreme Court should not be seen as a partisan institution.

But his self-defense came too late for John Paul stevens, a retired Supreme Court judge who said Thursday that he had thought at some point that Cavanaugh was a good judge.

"i think his performance during the sessions made me change my mind," Stevens said in Florida.

A large number of women--among thousands of protesters--marched through the streets of Washington on Thursday and entered the Senat Hart building in the Capitol complex, where they took part in a sit-in in which they voted against the Judge. Some of them raised banners denouncing the Judge. Some banners described the liar and were ineligible for the exercise of his duties.

The Capitol Police said that some 300 detainees had been investigated and released on the Capitol after being charged, including obstructing a public place or pretending illegally.

"i think that Cavanaugh is part of a big club that will protect him at all costs," said Angela terzykoski, a 55-year-old Delaware Resident.

The Republicans defended Him. "this investigation has found no reference to misconduct," said Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Republican Senate Judicial Affairs Committee. There is no information we do not already know.  "

Two of the three Republican deputies who were undecided reinforced the chances of the candidate being installed after they said the FBI had made a deep investigation.

The focus is on those Republicans whose voices are crucial to installing or not installing cavanaugh, they are Jeff Blake about Arizona and Susan Collins about Maine and Lisa Murkowski about ALASKA.

To complicate matters for the republicans, Senator Steve Danes announced on Thursday that he had a conflicting schedule: his daughter will be married on Saturday in the west state and he plans to attend the Wedding.

This may tell bad news for Republicans who need every possible sound. The office of the Republican Majority leader in the council, Mitch Mcconnell, said he was studying what could be done.

Senior Democratic Senator Dayan Feinstein said the report seemed insufficient to put an end to concern over Cavanaugh. "it seems that the result of an incomplete investigation has been constrained, perhaps by the white house, I don't know," she told Reporters.


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