The occupation suppresses an anti-settlement rally in Asira Al-Shamalia

Today, Friday, the occupation forces suppressed participants in an anti-settlement rally and the seizure of land in the northern town of Asira, in the Nablus governorate.

According to the official news agency, that as soon as the participants reached the march, the Israeli occupation forces repressed them by firing tear gas and tear gas, and brutally assaulted one of the participants, Yazan Yassin, and wounded him before arresting him.

Hundreds of residents of the governorate, and foreign peace activists, participated in the march called by the PLO factions, the institutions of the Nablus Governorate, the Wall Resistance and Settlement Authority, and raised Palestinian flags and slogans condemning the seizures of citizens ’lands and the violence and orgy of settlers in the area.

Participants in the march held Friday prayers, over the lands threatened by the seizure over the top of Mount Ebal, amid the Israeli occupation forces firing poison gas and rubber-coated bullets.

It is noteworthy that settlers placed two mobile homes on the top of Mount Ebal in the lands of the northern town of Asira in Basin No. (37), called the Khalat al-Daliyya region.


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