"B´Tselem": Israel demolished 43 homes in the West Bank last June

 The human rights organization B'Tselem confirmed today, Tuesday, that during the month of June, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished 43 Palestinian homes across the West Bank, including 13 in Jerusalem.

The organization clarified in a report that despite the spread of the Corona epidemic, Israel continued to demolish the homes, as 151 Palestinians lost their homes, and 84 of them were displaced.


Also, during the month of June, Israel demolished 30 Palestinian homes across the West Bank (not including East Jerusalem), equivalent to the number of homes demolished in the West Bank from the beginning of the year to the end of May, resulting in 100 Palestinians losing their homes, including 53 minors.

In the East Jerusalem area, it demolished 13 homes, displacing 51 people, including 31 minors. This number is equivalent to twice the average monthly demolition in the first five months of this year, which reached 6 homes per month.


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