Finland opens the door to smart clothing

A team of researchers at the Finnish University of Oulu, in cooperation with the VTT Center for Scientific Research and Petro Electro for Electronic Industries, created a new system of electrodes that can be attached to clothing And bear the conditions of daily life.

And the website "Phys dot org", which specializes in technology, quoted researcher Raval Slys, head of the study team, as saying that this work "brings us another step towards creating smart clothes that can monitor the user's health status and measure the surrounding environment variables, and they can change their shape and specifications to suit the user's desire ".

The result of the study was published in the journal "Flexabol Electronics", where the new technology helps in making reliable flexible electrodes at a low cost, which allows them to enter the smart clothing industry.

"The technology used to make new electrodes is somewhat similar to the way newspapers are printed," says researcher Olle Heke of the VTT Institute for Scientific Research.

The researcher emphasized that the new technology allows the manufacture of sustainable clothing characterized by being environmentally friendly and made from materials that break down naturally in the environment and are considered an alternative to plastic and other environmentally harmful materials.

"Although electronic devices have surrounded us for a long time, their applications in clothing are still limited due to the inelasticity of electronic components and their inability to withstand the conditions of daily life," the researcher, Tapio Fabretius, said. "The new study demonstrated the possibility of overcoming these difficulties." And improving our daily lives. "


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