France did not completely ban Huawei from the 5G network market

 The head of the French National Security Agency, Guillaume Popar, confirmed that the Chinese Huawei group had not been completely banned from the fifth-generation Internet market in his country, but that its operators in France would only obtain limited licenses.

His comments to the newspaper "Les Echosco" came against the controversy over Huawei's involvement in the network development process in France, after several Western countries prevented the company from participating in developing its fifth-generation networks of high-speed internet due to security concerns.

"We call on operators who do not use Huawei not to change their position ... As for those who use it mainly, we issue permits of between three and eight years," he said.

These restrictions are likely to limit Huawei's ability to access the fifth generation Internet network in France.

It is reported that Huawei has invested billions of dollars in this technology, competing in particular with the Swedish companies, "Ericsson" and "Nokia" Finland.

However, the United States, Britain and other countries considered that Huawei was a security threat for several reasons, including that its founder, Ren Chengfai, was an engineer in the People's Liberation Army.

Huawei also confirmed that it would withdraw from any partnerships with countries hostile to its activities and would pay attention to working with countries that welcome it.


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