Ciaoşo أوlu: The European Union´s taking decisions against Turkey will compel us to respond

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoglu stressed that his country would respond to any decisions taken by the European Union against it, in light of the escalation of tensions between the two sides against the backdrop of increasing Turkish interventions in Libya and its activities in the Mediterranean.

"The European Union's taking additional decisions (against Turkey) will force us to respond, and this will not contribute to finding a solution," Caoşo أوlu said at a press conference with European Union Foreign Affairs official Josep Borrell in Turkey.

He explained that his talks with Borrell focused on "the issue of Libya and France's support for (Field Marshal Khalifa) Haftar."

For his part, Borrell stressed that "diplomacy is the only way to achieve security in the Mediterranean and Mediterranean countries."


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