Occupation notifies the demolition of 30 homes and facilities in Jerusalem

Today, Monday, the Israeli occupation authorities notified the demolition of 30 homes and facilities in the Al-Issawiya town of occupied Jerusalem .

A member of the Issawiya Follow-up Committee, Muhammad Abu Al-Homs, said in a statement, “The crews belonging to the municipality of the occupation distributed dozens of notifications of demolition to installations and homes for Jerusalemites in various neighborhoods of al-Issawiyah, including the house of the brother of the prisoner Samer al-Issawi (Raafat al-Issawi), who demolished the bulldozers of the occupation. his home in 2013 " .

He added: "The municipality crews photographed a number of installations and homes after storming, some of which are under construction and the other inhabited . "

And exposed to "Al-Issawiya" to a campaign of systematic violations of repression and abuse, and the occupation deprives its residents of the urban expansion in their lands.


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