A citizen of Qalqilya was wounded and 14 others were arrested in the West Bank governorates

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Israeli occupying forces arrested 14 people from various parts of the West Bank early Thursday.

Al-assir said in a statement that the occupation arrested four citizens of Salfit Governorate: writer and journalist Walid khaled, Saleh Ayman qsol, Mu'az Jamal Nassar and Ali Abu Zaher.

They arrested three citizens of tubas, Namely: Imad Suleiman bisharat, Rasoul Abdel Aziz Abdulrazeq Bani Odeh and Yahya Mohamed Abdel Razek Bani odeh, and arrested 3 citizens of bethlehem, namely: Ahmed Khaled hamida, Mu'tasim Abu Khudair and Khalil Abu Sorour.

Ahmed Issam taha, Ayman Salim of qalqilya, Munjid Ragheb Salah and Abdelhalim Daghles Abu Taher were arrested in Nablus.

A citizen was wounded by Israeli occupying forces in the town of Qalqilya and was arrested after throwing incendiary bottles at military patrols during their raids in Qalqilya.


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