Gaza health warns of difficult repercussions due to lack of medicines

Alaa Hilles, director of the Hospital Pharmacy Department in the Gaza Strip, warned of the difficult repercussions of the exacerbation of the crisis of the shortage of medicines and medical consumables, and the real suffering incurred by patients as a result.

"Hospitals lack 226 items of medicines, which represents 44% of the basic list, while the shortage in medical consumables reached 256 items, 30% of the basic list," Hillis said in a statement distributed by the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

He added, "There are basic services that were directly affected by this aggravating crisis, including oncology, maternal, child and kidney health, thalassemia and hemophilia, eyes, cardiac services, catheters and therapeutic milk."

Hillis called on all concerned parties to accelerate the provision of medicines and medical consumables that ensure the continuation of providing health services at all levels.


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