The Prisoners´ Club: Fears of a pandemic spread among the prisoners are escalating

The prisoner club said today, Monday, that fears of the spread of the corona epidemic among the prisoners in the occupation prisons are escalating, in light of the high number of injuries in the epidemic in general, and the occupation forces continue to carry out arrests daily, as the number of cases Detention from the beginning of the epidemic last March, to nearly 900, including patients, wounded, children and women.

And the Al-Asir Club expressed its deep concern, with the occupation continuing to ignore local and international demands regarding the release of prisoners, especially patients, women and children.

The Prisoners Club pointed out that the measures of the occupation prisons, which are related to the epidemic, remained confined to the policy of prevention, turned into a tool of punishment, and contributed to double the isolation of prisoners who face today the prison and the virus, without providing any alternative to alleviate their suffering.

The Prisoners Club called on the international organizations, headed by the Red Cross as a specialist, to "play a more effective role to meet the needs of the current situation, achieve the possibility of reassuring the prisoners and reassuring their families, and press for the presence of a neutral international medical committee involved in inspecting the prisoners and ensuring their safety."

It is noteworthy that approximately (4,600) prisoners are held in the occupation prisons.


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