A Colombian with HIV infection produces a child in a coma

When Diana Angola gave birth to her baby, Jefferson, she was struggling to survive. The 36-year-old young woman was put into an artificial coma to be able to give birth to her son due to the emerging coronavirus. Due to the condition of her lungs, exhausted by Covid-19, doctors performed a cesarean delivery and her son Jefferson was born 14 weeks before his primary birth.

"It is a condition that has put a lot of pressure on it because very few survival situations are in such a serious condition," said Paula Velasquez, a doctor of internal medicine at Versailles Clinic in the city of Cali (southeast).

The 30-year-old was hospitalized on 15 May because of a high fever. After three days, she was admitted into an artificial coma and kept in it until the procedure.

Because of her pregnancy, she was kept in a sitting position at an angle of 45 degrees while people with severe pneumonia stretched on the stomachs to facilitate breathing.

Jefferson was born 24 and a half weeks after conception and without being infected with the emerging coronavirus.

"A person can continue to live from the twenty-fourth week with a good weight and a lot of technology," Velascis said.

The pediatrician Edwin Olivo, who participated in the delivery process, explained that the infant's weight was rising rapidly and his condition was improving little by little. "He was born with great breathing difficulties and we had to revive him."

"It is impressive that we have struggled and that doctors have helped us withstand," said Diana, with a weak voice.

The young woman does not know how she was infected with the virus from which she is now cured and her family confirm that she has respected the stone imposed since 25 March in Colombia.

In Colombia, more than 2,600 deaths and 80,000 injuries were recorded, and it is the second most affected country in Latin America in terms of deaths and the fifth in terms of injuries.

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