Kaileh: Two girls, Hebron and Jerusalem, and 191 new infections in Corona that raise today’s injuries to 258

Minister of Health May Kila announced the death of a seventy citizen from Hebron who was being treated at Coved Center 19 in Halhul city after he was infected with Coronavirus, and today he suffered a severe heart attack, while it was announced, this evening In the Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus governorates, two suspected cases were found on artificial respirators.

Kaileh announced, this evening, that 191 new cases of Corona virus have been recorded, including 179 in the Hebron governorate, 10 in the Nablus governorate, and two in the Jenin Governorate, bringing the death toll today to 258.

In her statement, Kaileh said: The total number of injuries reached 2053, recovery cases: 620, death: 6, and active cases: 1427.


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