Abu Shahla: The current crisis of UNRWA is politically privileged

RAMALLAH-Palestine News Network

Minister of Labor Mamoun Abu Shahla said that the current crisis of the relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), and the reduction of programs and services it provides, is "politically privileged" and "within the instructions and directives of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

He made the remarks during his meeting with a delegation from the Arab Workers ' Federation ("UNRWA"), chaired by the President of the Union Jamal Abdallah.

Abu Shahla noted that the US policy is now largely influenced by Israeli dictates, especially with regard to Palestinian rights, adding that the Palestinian government is continuously following the crisis of "UNRWA" and is currently waiting for the political image of the region to be clear and its impact will be Positions and moves at all levels, demonstrating the Ministry's willingness to cooperate and consult with regard to the movement of the West Bank and Gaza Strip workers ' Union.

Abdullah, for his part, gave a full explanation of the programmes and services curtailed by the agency's administration, warning of the danger of separating staff working for years, as well as the impact of the reduction of services and assistance to the Palestinian refugees.


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