A protest stand in Issawiya against Israeli practices

The residents of Al-Issawiya town organized a protest to continue collective punishment, attacks and abuse of the townspeople a year ago with the participation of Representative Osama Al-Saadi from the Arab List and representatives of human rights organizations and Israeli peace forces.

Today, we stand with our people in Al-Issawiya, demonstrators of peace movements and Jewish democratic forces against the police policies and the bloodshed of our people, the last of which was the killing of the martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq by members of the police, and from here we demand the disclosure of criminals and cameras, which were in the place and will not We remain silent about this hideous crime, and all the crimes of this government against our land and our people, against the policies of the occupation and against the annexation plans.

Al-Maqdisi activist Muhammad Abu Al-Homs said that the pause came on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the Israeli violations in the town of Al-Issawiya, taking advantage of the Koruna case and the arrests that started four days ago and the arrest of about 50 people, indicating that the Israeli campaign against the townspeople continues, including harassment and violations, especially the arrest of children.

The residents of the town confirmed in a statement to them that, since last May until today, the occupation authorities in their various institutions have continued their campaign against the residents of Al-Issawiya. And the removal of young men and the elderly from the town for months or weeks, imposing night domestic confinement on several young men and storming residential homes and shops, depriving the townspeople of living in comfort and safety and barriers around the clock inside the town and its entrances editing random violations and searching vehicles in addition to continuous incursions into the municipal staff and suspending orders Administrative demolition decisions, implementation of demolition decisions in several neighborhoods, and the exploitation of the Corona pandemic by imposing more violations and imposing penalties on the townspeople, both during the period of imposing restrictions on movement and after its lifting.


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