Demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against the Israeli annexation scheme

Several marches and demonstrations began in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Friday against israel's annexation of the West Bank.

In the West Bank, demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and banners written against the Israeli annexation plan, and others emphasized adherence to Palestinian territories and the rejection of their confiscation.

Sources said that nine Palestinians were injured by metal bullets and dozens of chokes during clashes with the Israeli army following a demonstration in the town of Kafr Kadum in Qalqilya.

Similar clashes took place in a number of West Bank villages as part of weekly settlement events and the Israeli annexation plan, resulting in injuries of suffocation and rubber bullets.

Palestinian sources said that the Israeli army prevented dozens of residents of the town of Haris, west of Salfit, from holding Friday prayers on their land threatened with confiscation.

According to the sources, the army closed the entrances to the village, set up a military checkpoint at the western entrance to it, and prevented the arrival of activists of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Authority in solidarity with the residents.

In the Gaza Strip, hundreds of citizens demonstrated in Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, under the heading "No to annexing the West Bank and the Jordan Valley."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly announced his intention to impose Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank occupied since 1967, including the Jordan Valley, on July 1.

The Palestinians objected to the annexation plan, as well as the international community and the United Nations, as a "violation" of international law and a "undermining" of the vision of a two-state solution to the conflict.

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