Injuries and fires during the clashes in Kafr Qaddum

Nine citizens were injured by metal bullets and dozens of suffocations, and fires broke out as a result of clashes with the Israeli army in the town of Kafr Kaddoum east of Qalqilya, after the weekly march towards the entrance to the town, which has been closed by the occupation since 2003.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that israeli soldiers fired heavy gas bombs, sound bombs, metal and rubber bullets, which led to mass suffocation and fires caused by throwing gas bombs in open areas, and soldiers from several places to get around the participants to arrest them, and injured nine citizens with metal bullets.

Mourad Shteiwi, coordinator of the weekly march, said that the march will enter its tenth year on July 1st and will be a central festival in Kafr Kaddoum to celebrate the march's 10th anniversary, and it raises the slogan no to stealing land and annexing it and liberating the land and human beings.

Shtiwi thanked the people of Kafr Kaddoum and all the participants in the weekly march for nine years, who are still starting the weekly march despite the rise of martyrs, injuries, detainees and ongoing incursions.

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