14 Demolitions of Palestinian homes over the past month

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupying forces carried out 14 demolitions in various parts of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, including cases of forced demolition of their installations by Palestinians, according to a new statistical report.

The Jerusalem Center for Israeli and Palestinian studies said Wednesday that the occupation authorities are continuing their racist policies against the Palestinians, their land sources and the dangers of demolition for many establishments within September month of 2018.

The report said the occupation was more dangerous for the demolition of dozens of residential and commercial establishments, while it approved the construction of thousands of settlement housing units in the West Bank settlements after the confiscation and razing of Palestinian land and the construction of settlement roads.

In its report, the Centre noted that the occupation measures had affected Palestinian installations within the Green Line, in its policy of displacement, in order to displace them, as it continued to blockade the village of al-Khan al-Ahmar, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, with a view to destroying it.

Imad Abu Awad, director of the Jerusalem Center, said that the right-wing government's policy of accelerating the settlement was stable and entrenched, with three parties competing to increase their pace, namely the Likud, the Jewish house, and the "Israel " house.

Abu Awwad said that the occupying government has pushed people to demolish their homes under the pretext of the offense, in the context of the fact that the Israeli authorities are holding the owner of the house in violation of the costs of demolition, so that the Palestinians will demolish their homes, to get rid of the exorbitant fines.


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