European Union Representative: Our relationship with Israel will be affected if it annexes Palestinian lands

European Union representative Sven Kon von Burgsdorf said on Monday that the Union's relations with Israel will be affected if they implement the annexation plan for Palestinian lands.

Burgsdorf confirmed during a Palestinian festival held in the West Bank city of Jericho, the European Union rejected the annexation plan, and that it did not recognize any Israeli sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem.

Burgessdorf added, "Any annexation would constitute a serious violation of international law and undermine the prospects for a two-state solution, which is rejected by us."

The representative of the European Union went on to say, "Any annexation process and unilateral steps will create irreparable consequences and directly undermine the two-state negotiating solution.

"The European Union is closely monitoring the consequences of these plans, and asserts that in the event of any annexation, there will be a response from the union commensurate with these consequences, and believes that this will have consequences for the relations between the union and Israel," he added.

Burgsdorf stressed that the European Union is committed to a long-term commitment to the vision of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, living in peace and security alongside Israel.

The representative of the European Union demanded that Israel comply with international law, and that it end all settlement activities in the occupied territory, all violations of house demolitions, forced relocation, restriction of freedom of movement and access, and even the destruction of EU-funded projects.

He warned that settlement activity in occupied Jerusalem is tearing it apart geographically, isolating it from other West Bank cities, and undermining the possibility of Jerusalem being the capital of two states.

In turn, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nikolai Miladinov, said that the Israeli annexation scheme is against international law and will destroy the dream of peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

During the festival, Miladinov called on the international community to take action and do everything available to save the peace process through negotiations conducive to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Miladinov said: The international community worked within 25 years to establish a Palestinian state, and it must continue to work until the just goal of establishing a Palestinian state is achieved.

During the festival, ambassadors and consuls spoke about Jordan, Oman, Japan, Russia and China.

The secretary of the PLO's Executive Committee, Saeb Erekat, said that representatives of 48 countries attended the festival "in an international message of support for the Palestinian position and rejecting the Israeli annexation plan."

Erekat stressed that a just peace will be achieved only by ending the occupation and establishing the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, and that the annexation scheme will not lead to peace, security and stability.


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