Hebrew Channel: An Israeli army maneuver to counter the effects of the annexation

Hebrew Channel 13 reported today, Monday, that the Israeli army conducted a military maneuver called "The War Game", which includes several scenarios aimed at dealing with the effects of the implementation of the annexation.

According to the channel, the Israeli army chief of staff, Aviv Kochavi, supervised the military maneuver in the presence of senior officers from the Shin Bet and the army, as the forces, the police, the Shin Bet and the representatives of the Government Operations Coordinator office participated in the exercise.

According to the channel, the maneuver included simulating dangerous scenarios that included shooting attacks and a complete cessation of security coordination with the Palestinian Authority, as well as preparing for the possibility of an escalation of the Gaza front.

The maneuvering took place despite the fact that the political level has not yet provided or informed the IDF leadership of any maps or information about the plan, and it is not known what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends.

She noted that the army will accelerate its preparations for all scenarios ahead of the announced date by Netanyahu for the annexation on the first of next month.


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