Picasso is the star of Sotheby´s first auction in London after the isolation stage

An extraordinary auction devoted to Picasso is the first organized by Sotheby's in London after the gradual lifting of the closure procedures in Britain, more than six million dollars, according to auctions agency France Press.

The auction took place online, a method Sotheby's wanted to further develop since the Covid-19 pandemic. He witnessed the sale of 188 works by the Spanish artist, from drawings, ceramics, to color palettes, which he used to accomplish famous paintings at a price of 4,8 million pounds (six million and 128,000 dollars).

A ceramic ware dating back to the 1950s sold a "large vase with naked women" at the highest registered price of 435,000 pounds ($ 540,000), according to the Dar.

More than 200 items were on sale, including about 60 belonging to Marina Picasso's granddaughter, while the rest were from other art collectors.

Sotheby's reopened its doors on Monday, similar to other "non-essential" institutions in Britain.

The house had organized auctions during the isolation period in a turn that constituted a turning point for this international institution that accelerated the development of digital platforms such as interactive catalogs with augmented reality.

In the last three months, Sotheby's online sales exceeded 140 million dollars in about a hundred auctions worldwide, with a 34% increase in the number of buyers.


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