Palestinian Rashida Taeb wins the US Congress

Washington _ Agencies

The original Palestinian candidate, Rashida Taleb, won the general elections held in the United States on Friday, where he took over the first Muslim Arab to be elected to the US Congress for the "13th" in Michigan after successfully passing the pre-presidential round of the Democratic Party in The circle is traditionally considered a stronghold of the Democratic Party.

In the context, the "Circle 13" includes most of the cities of Detroit and Delburn Heights, as well as the entire city of Garden City, Exeter, Wayne, Westland, Melvendel, Highland Park, Ikres, River Rouge, Rumelos, and Redford town, and has competed with five Democratic candidates to win the vacant seat since the retirement of the Dean Former US lawmakers, John Conyers, 88, last year, after being accused of sexual harassment by former female staff in his office, ending a 53-year historical congressional March.

In the light of the fragmentation of the voices of the dark-skinned voters in Detroit, the chances of non-African-American candidates, as the Arab candidate Talib, were able to surprise us with the historic seat that Africans had in the US Congress.

In addition to supporting the progressive mainstream of the Democratic Party, the Talep campaign succeeded in collecting the largest amount of electoral donations in the race, taking advantage of a political and rights-based rally during which a seat  "circuit" was held in the State House of Representatives (2008 – 2014), as the first Muslim woman to hold office in the history Michigan, she also later activated the launch of the "anti-hatred" campaign against racial discrimination, before joining the opposition movement against President Donald Trump during his election campaign.


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