Captain of the Doctors of Gaza: dealing with the outbreak of corona is beyond our means

The Syndicate of Doctors in the governorates of Gaza, Fadl Naim, confirmed that matters in the Gaza Strip regarding the Corona pandemic are controlled by the small number of injuries, and that they remain in quarantine centers, but that does not mean that the danger that many have warned of is over. From international institutions, because the health system is already overstretched, will not be able to deal with the outbreak of the Corona virus in particular due to the most global population density, and the overcrowding that makes the possibility of besieging the virus and preventing its spread complicated in light of the lack of capabilities, and the lack of necessary needs to conduct the tests for the virus and sterilization materials And breathing apparatus.

This came in the paper he presented during the international media symposium on "Palestinian professional work between Corona and the occupation" held by the International Assembly of Palestinian Institutions and Professional Associations, with the participation of Palestinian and Arab unions, health experts and political elites.

Naeem said: "The Gaza Strip has been living for years with a complex and interrelated situation, in which several factors affecting the reality of life overlap, so that the Gaza Strip has become a unique case in the world, the first of which is an occupation that withdrew from the land outside the borders of the Strip and analyzes before the world its legal and moral responsibility. On the fact that he is an occupier imposing his full control, through a strict siege on the land, sea and air borders, which made the Gaza Strip the largest prison in the world in which the residents of the Strip suffer from difficult and worsening living and economic conditions as a result of this blockade.

He added: The internal Palestinian division, whose effects on the lives of residents worsened after the beach agreement and the announcement of the National Accord government, did not cover the needs of the various ministries and the provision of consumables and supplies to the various ministries, which appeared clearly in delaying the arrival of in-kind and material aid to confront Corona, or its failure to fully.

He explained that the economy in the Gaza Strip suffers from the siege policy imposed by the occupation for the thirteenth year in a row, in addition to the repeated Israeli military wars and aggressions that deepened the economic crisis, as a result of the massive damage it left in the infrastructure and all economic sectors, pointing to the warning of many International institutions include the repercussions of maintaining the blockade imposed on the sector, and the delay in the reconstruction process in all economic, social, health and environmental aspects.

He pointed out that the procedures of the Ministry of Health, the UNRWA and precautionary civil institutions exacerbated the accumulation of waiting lists on health services, in particular scheduled surgeries that were originally postponed due to the declared state of emergency during the return marches, and the closure of crossings and the difficulty of movement to and from the sector, made it difficult The movement of patients who need treatment abroad, especially cancer patients, which negatively affected their treatment and posed a threat to their lives.

Naeem said: "The private sector suffers from weak funding from grants and foreign aid because many countries are busy with their own concerns, and reallocating a lot of aid to pandemic-related projects, forcing many of these institutions to lay off workers or reduce their salaries, indicating exploitation Occupation The world is busy combating the pandemic, to implement its plans, especially the Judaization of Jerusalem, the annexation of lands and the deletion of the refugee file.

The Doctors ’Syndicate stressed that the Corona crisis will not end soon, what needs to enhance resilience and international and local cooperation and develop a clear national plan in all its stages until the end of the crisis, stressing the need to end the division and overcome its repercussions, and work unilaterally to confront Corona and its health, economic and social repercussions and confront the occupation’s plans.

Naeem called for the development of governmental plans that respond to the repercussions of the seriousness of the Corona epidemic on the local economy, and put them into effect, through a package of measures parallel to the restrictions imposed in the framework of legal responsibility of government agencies in the face of negative effects on the local economy, and called for the necessity of the international community standing before its humanitarian and relief responsibilities Toward the unemployed workers who were affected by the Israeli crimes and the Corona pandemic "considering the Gaza Strip a damaged and afflicted area", and it lacks the minimum essentials of life.

He also called for the establishment of a special fund to support and support Palestine workers, to compensate them for the years of siege and aggression and their heavy losses resulting from the procedures for dealing with Corona, and to coordinate between government ministries and relevant associations and trade union frameworks, in order to limit the affected groups in all economic sectors, and to allocate an emergency budget to Form aid to protect the most affected.

Naeem stressed the importance of enhancing the utilization of digital technology by supporting "remote work" and "distance education" initiatives and projects and providing health care through "telemedicine", which contributes to breaking the blockade and reducing unemployment among graduates and bridging the gap in Capabilities and shortages resulting from the blockade and support for professional and labor unions by benefiting from digital technology and distance training, each in its field of specialization, in order to develop the performance of unions in the field of sustainable professional development for associates, and support projects of localization of various health services in an effort to reduce foreign transfers through dispatching crews Health in the subspecialties, support projects to open services that are not available in the sector, and the need to work to enhance ways of occupational safety in the work environment and prevent corona virus, so as to ensure the continuity of the work teams working in the field, particularly health teams who represent the first line of defense.


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